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12-10-2007, 08:31 AM
It was quite a weekend and no sleds were on the SDR trails and you can be thankful you were not.For any one who thinks lots of snow equal great snowmobiling--WRONG.Saturday AM stopped at the warming hut and spoke with the trail master A.J.He and the only Volunteer BOB DUMONT were headed for the sugar hill area to sign the trail.With snow cover now in the 16-28 inch range it looks for all the world like it does by late February.I got my old work sled and with chain saw gas hammer I thought I would head out 18 up past Nathan Pond and meet them.As I went down the trail toward Errol from the pond virgin snow 20+ inches deep.Not fun as a couple water run bys would drop to bare as making deep ditch whoop de doos that you had to keep moving to go down and come up the other side.All went OK I got down to the Swift (Logging road)Flat but snow 20-24 inches deep ment keep er going or you will be sorry.Snow plowing up over the cowl and wind shield.Nathan Pond trail off to the right not a sled yet snow at least 20 inches deep.Off I went up the hill.That trail is awful as it is mostly riding up a stream bed and many holes were every where surrounded by snow more than 2 feet deep.By holding down the throttle somehow I made it up the hill down the God awful stretch past Nathan Pond then down the ruts and open water stream bed to the 134 JCT.This was the worst conditions I have ever been across.I am by myself asking what the hell am I doing.Any way-- reaching the 134 JCT I headed right toward 18 (Balsams)and keept the throttle down as now nearly 25-30 inch deep snow made me aware if I stopped I would be down for the count.I made it to the club bridge and crossing the bridge a huge hole deep snow on each side I headed to the left but ran up against a sucker Alder bush and it stopped the sled trying to back up down I went deep into this mud hole.There was no one any where I wondered if I waited A.J.and Bob might catch up with me to help me out of this mess as the sled was in so deep I Physically could not budge it.I spent the next 40 min stomping down the waist deep snow so IF I got the sled out I could turn it around and get out of there.Once all the snow was trampled I still could not even move the sled and walking back more than 4 miles in 20+ inches of snow made me aware that some how that sled had to get out of this mess.Thank goodness I had my chain saw.Wadeing off into 30 inch snow cover I cut down 2 small balsam trees with the limbs cut off 2 poles one 9 feet (Too short) and needed one longer (15feet) to use as a lever.Well with a lever long enough you could move the globe(world)for me, I just wanted to move a sled.Indeed with leverage I soon had the sled on its side I filled in the mud hole with slush,snow,mud brush and eventually once I tipped the sled back I had it even with the rest of the ground.Gunning it I finally got it out.(2 hours!!!)So much for trail signing.Going back over the trail it was easier as I had broken things open but alll this is to let any of you know,you can be glad it was not you out there trying to SNOWMOBILE on trails nearly impassable!
I found out (I think) A.J. and Bob had many problems as well. The snow just too deep conditions in the woods soooo-bad.The groomer is the only thing really that will go through this mess and pack-roll and other wise open up these trails.I think AJ may have gotten a groomer out as some thing large was used to open up the trails.As most know no funds or insurance until the 15 th so large eqipment has not been used.You all can be very thankful you did not attempt riding these trails.
As for good news-- with so much snow,cold,more snow and cold,the grooming once started(Trails will all be covered by Saturday)they will have lots of snow to put the trails in great shape after just a few passes.Trails could be among the best early season in years in less than a week.Look for dramatic very good trails in a short amount of time.There is a bad news side however--gas cost-- expect your weekend to be much more expensive at the pumps.The SDR club is doing all they can to help the cause as their pump price for MID GRADE is $3.20 while regular in Colebrook $3.16.Errol ,I saw $3.05.Snow depth about 8-10 Colebrook,16++ Diamond Pond-12+Errol area.Don,t expect trails to be much beyond open this weekend.Try to stay on logging roads or trails covered by a groomer.Stay away from woods trails at all costs or-- you will be sorry!!Lastly,I can,t speak for other clubs,but the lack of volunteers is so accute 3 people can,t run a club.So much needs to be done to provide great trails with no one to do it.The most valuable thing as a part of any CLUB should be THE VOLUNTEERS!!!MY big gripe with life in the CLUBS and why there are so few Volunteers!! Any Club thatTake volunteers for granted may soon see 100% of the 1000 ,s of members all have the same attitude WHY BOTHER.Its happening! The wait is over--2007 and 2008 has begun!Enjoy,ride safe!!

12-10-2007, 07:35 PM
diamond you should know that you dont boone dock without a buddy.Im happy everything worked out; glad to hear about all the snow ,i'm hoping to get on the sled this weekend. :rolleyes: