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Thread: Lakeshore Snow Devils Bridge Work

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    Default Lakeshore Snow Devils Bridge Work

    We will be doing Bridge work in Red Creek Saturday November 13 @ 9am. anyone that has some time and would like to help it would be appreciated.

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    right now bridge work is extremely important; a few shrubs or branches won't keep trails from opening; however when bridges no longer are worthy of supporting a 6000# groomer; that trail is lost til the repairs are made. for those of you who may not be firmilier with trail work other than brushing here and there; you are needed; you don't have to be an engineer. these bridge jobs come up many times with too few people; so instead of finishing a bridge in one weekend; the same few people are tied up another weekend on the same bridge. we only have a few weeks left and plenty of work to be done. you will be working with expierianced people that will be glad to have your help. watch for these help posts or check out club web pages. any trail, any club; it all comes together. thank you in advance

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    Where in Red creek will you be working on bridges? I'll be helping another club out with trail work but just curious at the location.

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    Default Bridge work

    We will be doing work on the bridge behind the old Comstock building in Red Creek

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    Wasn't that a new bridge last year.

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