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    Having absolutely no knowlege of trails or trail sytems or laws and regs in Utah, can someone steer me in the right direction? How many miles of groomed trails throughout the state? Ungroomed trails? Is the Heber Valley area a good area for finding trails? What is the best central location to find the most number of trails? Are there any 2-stroke limitations? What are the minimum age restrictions for riders? Where, generally, is the best place to trailer to - trailhead, local business? Do trails, generally, lead to and include local businesses? Or, again as I don't know the state or area at all, is the trail system by and large remote riding? Or, are locales well utilized? And, anything else you can tell a New Yorker that may be useful!

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    Looking further and finding the USA website and seeing there are ten clubs statewide and some of which have their own websites, one other question: Who grooms the trails? Are the trails groomed?

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