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Thread: CEDARVILLE had 3" snow Friday BUT

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    Default CEDARVILLE had 3" snow Friday BUT

    We had 3" of snow on Friday but it was JUNK and some tryed to ride but there was nothing there. It looks as if we are DONE FOR THE YEAR as it is going to be up to almost 60 this week. What a year, we only had 1 day of riding this year and only had the groomer out 1 time, lets all hope it is alot better next year, just because we had a bad year do'nt forget to support your SNOWMOBILE CLUB as we still need help taking out trails and getting ready for next year. We would like to give all of you that came out and SUPPORTED OUR POKER RUN a great big THANK YOU. If anything happens I will update or you can go to our web site at

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    Thanks for all of your updates this year! I'm glad you had snow on the poker run this year! That was the only time the trails were good. Till next year

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