I talked with my brother yesterday(easter call) however he is now relocated to Ancorage Alaska and this season record snow fall!!Still 10 ft.snow piles at the end of his drive way 5 feet deep along side.4 inches new only a day or two ago.135 inches for the winter.Despite the worst winter(least snow) season in memory,John's weather(Pittsburg) has recorded almost that same ammount of total winter time snow 134.5 inches.Also we would often spend easter weekend at the pond and so often easter would have a whiter look than Christmas.An Easter Sunday ride often would be possible.If you look at the live web cams,(Monday 4/9)sure enough fresh snow covers the far north but no base and bare ground underneath.With normal temps the last 2 weeks should the snow pack have been a normal 3 or more feet April spring riding would have been great as in past seasons.A plan to head back up this weekend and likely mud season 2 will be under way.In as much as I still live in the house I bought when I was 23 years old on Fort Medow Lake in Marlborough Ma,early seasons almost 30 years back, we would be water skiing during the week in Ma.but still able to hit the snow covered April trails around Diamond Pond.Certainly am looking forward to a return to a real winter time this winter.