Hello to all current, past, future TrailConditions.com members.

We are proud to have been associated with this website since 1999. TC has been a driving force behind snowmobiling and was one of the first site's that existed dedicated to the sport. TC has a rich history of members over the years, it has been a pleasure to get to know our community. Over the years some of my favorites were "Witchway, Moondisc, Rodie and many, many more". We lost our webmaster Albert in 2006 due to cancer, it has been a long road to get back what he helped us create. His vision has kept our dream alive to build upon our websites he created and make them the mecca he invisioned with myself. With that said, I am pround to announce to you a NEW BEGINING FOR TRAILCONDITIONS.COM. In the days to come a newly created online community website for TrailConditions will be launched, its unlike anything you have experienced. There will be more exciting things in store for you after this initial launch, come take us for a test ride on the NEW TRAILCONDITIONS.COM later this week. SPREAD THE WORD!!

Thanks, Tony