Just got back from a week in Old Forge. In my opinion on an average of one to ten, I would have to say it was about a five. The inner trails were excellent along with the lakes. Last Sunday was the last day for good riding on the roads. Monday the Town road crews scalped all the roads sholuder to shoulder. I just read some reports today that Stillwater road was rideable. Tuesday we rode to Stillwater Hotel and it was very snirty at best. The railroad tracks from Beaver River were great for the first five miles down to the hunting camp on the right, from their on the tracks were exposed as much as 5" down to the trestle. From that point we went over to trail 1 which was in great shape. The Inlet trails were in great shape, even the trail from Eagle Bay to Inlet along Rt. 28. MRP were in good shape. I just wanted to mention the fact I wore out a set of 4" carbides on my Yamaha Apex XTX this past week, mainly on Hollywood Hills Road which I had to ride on to get to the trails from our Camp and all the other roads I had to ride on to get to the different trail systems. The roads were like some say toast! Hats off to the groomers who got the trails back in shape after the weekend crowds. Especially with what snow they had to work with.