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Thread: Lets see pictures

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    Default R-motion vs SC-5

    Both of my sleds are the XS chassis. The Grand Touring (basically a Renegade with a place to put my diaper bag) has the SC-5 and TNT has the R-Motion.

    I donít feel much difference between the two, at least not anywhere near as much as advertised... perhaps a tad plusher on the R-motion... but you canít bottom the GT and it soaks up all but the biggest bumps.

    Not an apples to apples comparison, but I would not update from an SC-5 to an R-Motion just for the skid...not enough difference... just my opinion .
    Despite what you read on this site, we are in the Golden Age of Snowmobiling.
    Our trails are in good to excellent condition 90% + of the time.
    Our clubs are, for the most part, well-run by dedicated volunteers and leadership.
    Grooming is pretty consistent across the State.
    Your sled is likely the most comfortable, reliable and fuel efficient snowmobile you've ever owned.

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    Thumbs up Just a trail report

    -5 Degree ride today no pics to report too cold to stop.
    Turin - Groomed
    Southern Tug - Groomed
    Osceola - Groomed
    Redfield - Groomed
    Barnes - Bumpy
    Valley - Groomed
    75 miles - Awesome Ride GAUNTLETS & KLIM

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    Amish on the trails

    Tri-Valley Trail Riders

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