Hello all

After 19 years of being involved with TrailConditions.com, I have made a decision to pass the baton to a new owner. I am semi retired, have a wonderful family of 5 kids, my youngest is a 2 year old daughter and a 1 year old grandson. I have realized I need to start spending more time with my family. I will still be involved with the new owner in a partnership with TrailConditions.com.

I have made a lot of friendships with many TC members over the years, some are not here with us today, but were true snowmobiling pioneers of the sport. I look forward to working with the new owner of TC for years to come. Many of you remember your friendly Admin moderator and ad salesman Rob Huckstadt, he will be returning in that role again.

Several major media company's wanted to buy TrailConditions.com. Being involved with TC for years, I knew the site needed to grow and wanted to make sure the new owner protected the integrity of TrailConditions.com's and its members. TC is made up of some of the most respected members in the sport. I didn't want the site and its members to get lost in the shuffle of a Major Media Conglomerate.

Therefore a deal was struck with New Hampshire businessman Joey Medeiros. Joey and his family are avid snowmobilers and ATV Riders. Joey has known TrailConditions.com for many years I am proud to announce Joey Medeiros as the new owner of TrailConditions.com. Many hours of discussion went into this decision. Joey has all the right plans I always wanted to do with TC but never had the time. Now I will be working with him to make TrailConditions.com the best that its ever been and beyond. He plans to hold many contests yearly giving away New Snowmobiles, ATV'S, Snowmobiling trips, ATV Trips, Accessories and much more. Also, TC will be attending many Snowmobile and ATV Shows across the country for meet and greets. Many more good things are on the horizon for TrailConditions.com, STAY TUNED!

We look forward to working and growing our community together with all of you. If you have any wants, concerns or suggestions, feel free to contact me or Rob on the site or at Tony@ClassicMuscleCars.com

Thanks, Tony