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Thread: 3/10/17 Maritime Quebec: 7 nights out

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    Default 3/10/17 Maritime Quebec: 7 nights out

    I am headed to River du Loop tomorrow with two friends. We are planning on getting to Perce Rock... all the trails are still in "good condition" except one. The cut through we were going to take outside of Matane.. any suggestions... thanks

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    Default Gaspe

    I rode the Gaspe trails last week. Left out of River de loupe on Sunday 3/3. Trails were good in that area. Not good from Chandler through Gaspe and down right awful about 35 miles North of Gaspe heading west until Grand Vallee. The claim was that there was too much snow to groom. There was no reason this 50 mile section should not have been groomed. My second time through there. Same issue 7 years ago. 1055 mikes total. About 500 were real good 100 excellent 300 bad and 150 very bad. I was disappointed to say the least.

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