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Thread: 3/30 Evening Ride - Tug Hill

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    Default 3/30 Evening Ride - Tug Hill

    Rode late afternoon and evening (3/30) on the hill about 80 miles from Swancott's Mills to Montague and back. All trails still good coverage with bare spots on some sun exposed hill tops and inside corners. Nothing still that you cant get right around. Still 2-4' snowpack in spots. Thanks again to Valley, Southern Tug, and Turin. The efforts of your late season grooming still show now.

    Camp 4
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    Default where to park?

    is it worth coming up to ride the trails you rode a 4 hour drive
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    Nice! I was wondering if someone was going to ride this week. I spent yesterday getting the motorcycle loaded up for the season.

    Oh yeah, I'm jealous and I hate you! ;P

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    Quote Originally Posted by ski-doo fourever View Post
    is it worth coming up to ride the trails you rode a 4 hour drive
    I guess that would depend on how much you like riding and how much else you have going on. I enjoy spring weeknight riding more than mid winter riding even when the trails are a bit choppy now. The reason is in my last 500+ miles which were all in March this season I met a total of maybe 20 sleds on the trail and in the middle of February you would meet that every 30 seconds.

    Spring riding is what you make of it... you need to approach it with an open mind and make the best of it. If you expect perfect trails and only like riding perfect trails then absolutly it is not worth a 20 minute drive much less 4 hours. But if you love to ride, get outdoors, check things out, and make the best of it then yes it would be worth it as long as the weather is decent. The other key to enjoying spring riding is knowing where to and where not to ride. In less than 5 minutes south of where we started the ground was bare and in less then 5 minutes north of Montague out toward 177 I am sure it was also.

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    I went up for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon. All I did was ride in Tabolt Road to Tabolt Corners, up the RR a ways, a few of the side trails, then up from Tabolt Corners on Number Nine Road, over the seasonal Gomer Hill Rd to the plowed end, stuff like that.

    RR good with occasional bare spot, #9 snirty bumpy. Snow on side trails and woods still holding up and surprisingly solid.

    Was it worth it? Definitely for me, but it's only about a 15 minute drive and I like to ride slow, look around, take pictures, etc.

    4 hour drive, I don't know. If you are looking for lots of fast miles and long distance, then I'd say no because you'll burn up all the available trail mileage quickly.

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