The 14th annual snirt sun kicks off on the 15th of april.

There is some news i want to share:

1...someone has posted a map to the sno pals facebook page which is clearly from a couple years ago and dose not reflect the roads opened for this years
event. Do not use this map as it shows roads open which are not opened...also it shows roads being closed which are actually opened for this event. You will be given a map when you register

event ..shirts may still be ordered utilizing the procedure outlined on ur facebook page. However there is no guarantee that you'll receive the article before the event,

3...parking is available at all the usual areas. However some of the seasonal roads on the northern side of the hill have been opened for parking. do not park on both sides of the road as it restricts access by emergency vehicles should they be needed

4...Keitha's kafe is a new restaurant which opened recently in lorraine right accross from the old lorraine hotel. The restaurant is owned and operated by keitha robarge who has worked most of her adult life in the restaurant industry and now proudly owns her own place... Congratulations to keitha.. If you are arriving early friday in the lorraine / worth area it's worth your time to try keithas fish fry on friday evening. It's one of the best in the area. Finally the kafe is open every morning at 5:30am for breakfast. Great way to start the days ride or the ride home on sunday.