As nice as it gets here at Diamond Pond. The black flies are gone and beautiful warm summer weather and cool nights. Still many of us old timers here and nice to see every one wishing all good health. For us This has been the best spot for a second home. As die hard snowmobilers not many locations better than Diamond Pond. As I look out on my car its hard to believe where its parked the most snow ever in my 35 years as only a front end loader could move it the mound nearly 10 feet deep.That only 3 and a half months ago. Now thanks to my lawn mowing person the yard looks beautiful! Thanks to Mark Hunt and his Mark of excellence lawn care. We are having work done by one of the best Contractors to spiff up the house as indeed although it still is not listed time has come and it (our home) needs a young family time for us to be moving on.A new roof on our pourch, repair a window location, safe check our deck pressure wash and go over the roof areas and we have never had a leak hope fully never will. I am inthe process of trying to rid my shed area of nearly 22 years of what was a fabulous garden railroad hobby. I am sure not many are looking for an out door garden Rail road----if any one out there is possesd like me----I hope to have it all gone by Columbus day. All my snowmobiles (4) 2 Atv,s and jet ski likely a U Haul and long trip to relocate at my son's home in Co.Would like to include so many tools 35 years worth- plus a 300 GALLON skidder gas tank in the garage a great asset to fill up the sleds and not locate gas stations. Both ATV'ws started right up. ATV times look to be moving along with always many among the campers at Coleman state park. Just think in only 3 and a half more months the snow will be flying once again and the winter good time begins. Great memories--thanks to the SDR snowmobile club--thanks to the Drew family who worked so hard to establish a great snowmobile environment. It still is happening. We are sell thinking--likely house garage-195K area price range. If any thing seems what you are looking for my cell 508-769-3620- leave a message. Enjoy the rest of the summer it is very short up here. out for now.