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Thread: Snowbikes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by orangef7 View Post
    I think it would be more like 90%.
    Agreed. In my opinion, less than 10% of NY snowmobilers have the skill or level of fitness required to ride a dirt bike on anything other than a flat surface.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 800cc28 View Post
    That's the same the guys in Idaho said... Kind of hard to keep straight on a really hard groomed trail and if you're not experienced, crossing bare roads was really a challenge
    Knowing that... Do we want them on our trail system since we really don't have "off trail riding"?
    better try on first before saying they are hard to ride on groomed trails/ cross bare road.... always go off trail..... about 5 years ago, one was down in the hills south of the Thruway.... and would put 3000 + miles a year on always stayed on trail.... no problems crossing roads or maneuvering in bare parking lots... stock pipes, a lot less noise that a sled, was a Honda Xr650L thinking around a 2010MY...... just saying..... can not judge all by a few articles..... go put a few hundred miles on a few different kinds and then report back.

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    I'll have to say that I don't come across many two wheelers while riding my dual sport on the tug in the summer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by orangef7 View Post
    You still can't register UTV's and there are thousands of them in NY. The law will never be changed for a few converted dirt bikes.
    I thought utv were now able to register if under 1500 lbs
    still not legal on sno trails!
    if i said it once, i'll say it again. what was it i said?

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    Quote Originally Posted by old jerry View Post
    I thought utv were now able to register if under 1500 lbs
    still not legal on sno trails!

    I haven't heard anything about the law being changed.

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    Post an interesting post on HCS.

    This is a post from a thread in HCS on the Duluth -Spirit Mtn Snow x last weekend.... They don't like them snow bikes.

    Below is a reply from a track flagger at the races :

    X2700, DRail, and Zambroski are right on the money. I did not feel safe on the track with the bikes just because of their lack of control.

    - Their handling in loose sugar snow was vague at best. Other than 2 of the racers, it appeared that the riders were barely in control. Several falls occurred, and there was a risk of folks being run over due to the bike's imprecise handling

    - Shifting appeared to be a nightmare for the racers. It seemed like the riders were always hunting for a gear- and several times riders missed shifts thereby killing the engine. Then you had a bike dead on the track, and track staff trying to flag and protect the racer putting both at risk

    - Kick starting. WTF. Really? Imagine trying to hold up a bike in sugar snow, and trying to kick start it

    - Holding the bike upright in loose sugar snow is not an easy endeavor

    - Lack of reliability. Good god- how many of them had some sort of mechanical issues during these few races and warm up rides? Wow- what piles of ****.

    - Lack of rider skill. One of the racers told Zambroski that he'd never been on the race track before..... And it showed.....

    I agree 100% that the bikes are not ready for the race track. I understand that there are places that they work well such as in the mountains out west in the spring. But they are a hazard on the track.

    Fortunately, these POS are not legal to trail ride in Minnesota or Wisconsin. I cannot imagine meeting one on a windy trail, or in a corner. Their handling is so imprecise, that they would be a huge trail hazard.

    If anything, snow bike racing shows consumers how impractical the bikes are compared to a sled. Instead of creating a midwest market, I think potential buyers will be scared off. Especially at that price......
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