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Thread: Led headlight bulbs

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    Default Led headlight bulbs

    I just installed led bulbs in my skidoo let me tell you it's the best thing I did they are so bright I will post a link which ones I got

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    They are very nice for the rider, they suck for the riders coming up to you. They blind oncoming riders, I damn near hit someone last year because I was blinded by his sled on a narrow trail, good thing he could see because he was going like a bat out of hell and I was going at a pretty good clip myself. It was just a bad situation, I didn't even have time to get slowed down or pulled over.
    I always thought I wanted them until that happened, I made my mind up that I didn't want to be the cause of an accident or be in one. The latest headlights are plenty bright for me.
    Just my 2 cents. Think Snow for this year!!! I'm ready for some riding!!

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    I agree with your comment and concern. We have probably all come upon a crash out on the highways; a lot of police, fire and ambulance companies are now all LED equipped .... it is too bright and too confusing as you approach the scene. I can only imagine what it would be like with blowing snow and an oncoming sled.

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    I too thought I would like to have a set of high intensity bulbs but being on the receiving end of them is a big disadvantage....
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    All the polaris come with them stock now. They are great. Had then since 2015
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