Seldom here on a Tuesday but with sons help a U haul and load the ATV,s for a long trip to his new home in Colorado. The house is now listed and for sale. Much effort and the house looks great. For snowmobilers who read this let me tell you why this home is and has been so valuable for my 34 years here.Next to Mount washington Diamond Pond is one of New Hampshire's snowiest spots.When Colebrook has a half inch overnight,here we get six inches. As close by as the Spa restaurant we see many bare spots as we snowmobile in for lunch.However only 12 miles away up here(DiamondPond) the snow was 30 inches deep. While weeks can go by in Twin Mtn.-Jefferson-Lancaster with no snow here snow happens almost every winters night. If the most snow and no global warming is for you look closely as my home could be among the best in snowmobile spots! It has been for me the last 34 years. Contact Joey Sweatt 603-833-9922 see pictures on his web site. All my trains are now gone(Garden rail road 22 years) and the home looks so good if it does not sell another snowmobile winter for me!!!! However if you would like to see as much snow as is likely to fall any where,this is it!
Color is on track but some what dull so far. Peak weekend after this one. Will be back up soon to get the house and snowmobiles winter ready just in case. Someone could be as lucky as I was 34 years ago. One of the best snow -lake spots grab it while you can! Out for now.