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Thread: 9/28 Solution In Sight For Opening Redfield Snowmobile Trails

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    And how long have you been paying attention at
    LOL. I know, but couldn't resist! As for sounds of diesels: 1. John Deere 2. Yanmar (in my JD garden tractor) 3. Detroit 4. Powerstroke (Ford's version NOT Navistars).

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    Per the NYSSA October Newsletter on October 12, 2017:

    Redfield Trail Issue Update

    Many have read or heard about recent trail closures in addition to the Redfield issue. Reroutes will be needed, new bridges or culverts may berequired on the reroutes as well. And that’s after the initial landowner permission and/or state agency permits were obtained, tree trimming/cutting, signing, and making the trails safe as possible as by-passes to trail closure situations will then also be addressed. Clubs’ goal for the trail system is to keep the connectivity of their open and passable, for our enjoyment to go from one community to another to another, as well as for local economic business which helps everyone with keeping local taxes down. And the clubs need volunteer help with their lofty goal!

    As of this writing, no new updates have come in from the club regarding the landowner either changing their minds and allowing the trail to proceed as in the past years OR any definitive reroute options being open for this year. Watch the Redfield Snowmobile Association’s Facebook page as well as NYSSA’sfor any known updates and opportunities to help them out.

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    Thank you for update!

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