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Thread: Redfield Trail Reports

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    Thumbs up You guys are awesome!

    Quote Originally Posted by Redfield Snowmobile Association View Post
    Hello all. Sorry for the rough trails this week. Here is the situation. This is not an excuse, just how we ended up where we are. Please be patient, we will get things back and in shape.
    1. We are down a groomer still, at this point we are waiting on some parts that had to be made by the manufacturer. Good news is they should be shipping from Oregon any day. We should have it up and moving by late next week fingers crossed.
    2. We were only able to hit half our system on Saturday night due to the break down. Instead of grooming on Sunday 3 guys we had decided to start working on the broken groomer with hopes we could find someone to groom on Monday or Tuesday. We felt it was important to start the work on the broken groomer in order for us to obtain the parts needed to fix it.
    3. We are currently running thin on groomer operators especially during the holidays. We are looking for new groomer operators so if you have experience or are willing to dedicate may hours of training PLEASE reach out to us.
    We groomed yesterday and last night and got most of the system. It still needs some work. We will be out tonight, tomorrow day, and tomorrow with little to n't break. We hope to get things back in shape.
    ,We'd like to wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season and New Year.
    You guys are awesome thanks for all the hard work!

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    Default Grooming update 12-26-17

    We have snow!
    About 2ft in town and 4 plus as you head north.
    South trails were groomed today and the water holes are freezing in better with each trip.

    The north trail is a different story.
    The BR went North last night with the drag but turned back due to deep snow and poor visibility.
    Tonight the parts showed up, the guys got the Tucker fixed, dropped the drag and hooked up the packer and headed out. Snow depths increased to the north, sled tracks all ended up turning around, all the 6' stakes and reflectors marking the ditches are covered and it's still snowing.
    Conditions are bad enough that one of our best operators decided to turn around and try again tomorrow because he couldn't tell where the trail is.
    So if you're in the area and want a deep powder adventure head twards Littlejohn Dr., Salmon River Rd, and down to the Jackson T and see if you can help find and pack the trail and uncover the stakes.

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    Default 12/28 update

    The guys got the north trails opened and panned yesterday.
    South has less snow and was all groomed on Tuesday.
    Kay Rd. trail should get opened with the machine and packer today.

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    First of all, a big THANK YOU to your tireless volunteers.

    Any updates on the groomer mechanicals? Are all the groomers back up and running?

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    Yes, both groomers have been running since last Tuesday.
    Tails have been groomed daily from Wed. thru last night.
    Conditions are good to excellent with no water and just a few thin and icy spots south of town.

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    Default 1/5 update

    North and South were groomed Friday night and several times thru the week.
    All trails are good to excellent.
    A few icy spots remain.
    Slow down, use caution, stay on the trails and stay warm!

  7. Default 01/13/18

    We attempted to go groom and check the trails tonight. We were not able to get far before we turned back. Lots of water deep water, water cuts, flowing water, standing water, hidden water under a thin layer of snow and flooding. At one point we had water over the tracks of the groomer.
    We did not make it to check any bridges. Unknown conditions exist on our trail system. There could be down trees, washed out culverts, washed out bridges, flooding, water cuts and many more hazards.
    Please avoid ridding the trails till we can get out there and check them.
    You can drive your car or truck down to our annual CHICKEN BBQ, POKER RUN AND POLARIS SNOWMOBILE GIVE AWAY at the CHEESE FACTORY TODAY STARTING AT NOON. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year. See you there.

  8. Default Update 01/21/18

    Hello everyone. We groomed all trails last night expect Kay Rd and C4k from Clark Dr to where we meet up with TC Riders. Snow cover gets thin south of town. South of the Cheese Factory and Hayloft intersection is icy. The rest of our trails have icy corners and bare spots in other corners. Snow cover gets better as you head north of town. There were water spots opening up. USE CAUTION. Hopefully Mother nature doesn't hurt us too bad during this warm up.
    Please RESPECT the trail you can't make the difference between flat trails and rough ones.
    Remember to stay on the trail as we had complaints from landowners about idiots ridding on and off the trail. STOP going in and out of the ditches and woods as if it's your playground. We care about our trail system and want it here for future generations to enjoy. So if you can't stay on the trail then stay off our system. It's that simple.

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