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    Default potter county conditions

    OK just wondering how conditions are in Potter county, any trails worth a ride out there to try
    any SNOW There and if so how much?

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    We are at our camp on Denton Hill. There is 4" now, might pick up another 1-3 this afternoon when the wind shifts NW. There are 3-4 sets of tracks on the Billy Lewis pipeline but that's it.
    The snow that's down and also falling now is the very fine stuff so every inch that falls is a good inch. If you want to keep the carbide makers in business then it's ride-able up top here and cooling won't be an issue. We may head out later this afternoon, we can always turn back. If not we will trailer up toward Limestone or Red House, NY tomorrow if they get what they're suppose to today.

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    thanks, I just got about 5 inches here , and still coming, so was hoping maybe more landed in Potter from that storm up at Erie
    just got back from NY, logged on over 300+ miles there
    not looking to kill a sled to ride, but am 3+ hrs fro Potter, so looking for honest reports like this, , so Thanks again
    p[lease update back if more lands today and over night if you can
    or how things go if you get out today!

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    I'm in the black forest were lucky to have 3 inches glad I left the sleds home

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    Total of 5" laying at Denton Hill/Lyman. Hit -9 deg this morning. A few sleds were out last night, including me. Ridden in worse, but if you're close, want to rip off a few miles, and don't mind a little carbide wear, it's doable. But personally I wouldn't drive more than an hour or so for these conditions.

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