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Thread: Kasoag Trailblazers Trail Update 1-5-18

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    Default Kasoag Trailblazers Trail Update 1-5-18

    Our groomers were out Thursday, Jan 4th. Jeff & Mike groomed all of the Williamstown Trails and installed/repaired broken and missing signs. Last night the Altmar Groomer (Jack & Tesha) was out grooming all of the altmar Trails. Trails were reported as good! The Williamstown Groomer (Jim & Mike) was out grooming the South Shore Trail of the REZ C-5. No water issues on the trail this year! This fall we spent 5 days bulldozing to widen and straighten this trail, removing trees, grading and slopping to eliminate the early water holes...It's in great shape! Remember ride safe and keep right. It's going to be a cold weekend, enjoy!!

    Important: Please stay on the trails! They are well marked! Do not jump out onto open fields...our Amish Friends who permit us to use their lands for trails do not want sleds straying on their land! They have equipment stored out there and barb wire fencing which you do not want to get tangled up in! DO NOT go into the Cranberry Fields along County Route 30 located near the Amish Farms, if you do, you will be riding on County Route 30 all the way to Kasoag Lake if they shut the trail down. The sprinkler heads and switching valves are expensive not to mention plant damage! Other farms in the Williamstown area have drainage ditches, equipment stored, etc. Stay on the Trails and off Landowners fields, they are well marked!!

    Please Keep in mind we have plenty places to get food, refreshments, lodging and gas on our trail system. All are listed on the official Oswego County Map. In Altmar: Tailwater Lodge, Altmar Hotel and Altmar Union Station (gas). Their are many lodging places listed on the official map. In Williamstown: Buck's Family Restaurant (Food and Parking, Venessas's Place Restaurant (Breakfast starting at 6 AM (closed Tues), Kasoag Lake Park (Food, Refreshments & parking) and American Legion Post 1128 Williamstown (Limited Food and Refreshemtns). Parking: Large County Lot in Williamstown at St RT 13 and Ball Rd, Buck's Family Restaurant - parking lot in back and Tailwater Lodge Parking for customers check with them before you park.

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    I just groomed from Altmar to fawn lake. Then to the groomer barn and back down old smokey to the railroad tracks in Altmar. From there I went to tailwater and back. All trails are in great shape. There's good traction not to much ice. Ran into some buddies they said everywhere they rode today was flat and no traffic. I passed 9 sleds in 4 hours.

    28 hours grooming. 0 sled miles.

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    Default Kasoag Trails Update

    Our groomers are out tonight, Thur Jan 18th. Jack & Tesha are grooing the Altmar Trails. Jeff and Dan are out grooming the Williamstown Trails. Thanks.

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