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Thread: Kasoag Trailblazers Trail Update 1-5-18

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    Default Kasoag Trail Update 3-17-18

    Last night Mike Weisenburger had the Williamstown groomer out (7 to 11 pm) grooming C4 Maple Hill Trail to O'Hara Rd and also groomed C4 up Stone Hill Rd and then up into Happy Valley. He also groomed the downtown trails. He reported that traffic was light last night so with the cold temps overnight the base should have frozen up nicely. He tried filling in those pesky water holes along Stone Hill Rd and the one between St Rt 13 and Co Rt 30. Saturday afternoon, Dan and Marla were also out in the Williamstown groomer working on the trails. He reported that Maple Hill was getting thin due to the amount of traffic. The Altmar groomer (Jack) will be out on the trails today.


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    Default Kasoag trailblazers 3/26/18

    Our trails are closed for the season, respect the land owners, no ATV"s on our trails, thank you everyone for a great season.
    Jeff Hopkinson Pres. of Kasoag Trailblazers

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    Jeff, thanks to you, Snopacker, BGC, and others who made the most of what was yet another inconsistent season for temps and snow. If it was able to be groomed, you guys did everything you could to make it smooth and safe for people like me. I appreciate it.

    Please keep us posted as to when it is time to pull signs, etc.
    Despite what you read on this site, we are in the Golden Age of Snowmobiling.
    Our trails are in good to excellent condition 90% + of the time.
    Our clubs are, for the most part, well-run by dedicated volunteers and leadership.
    Grooming is pretty consistent across the State.
    Your sled is likely the most comfortable, reliable and fuel efficient snowmobile you've ever owned.

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