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Thread: Germania Report

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    Default Germania Report

    A tick over 5. Still snowing a little.

    '16-'17 Miles - 680
    '15-'16 Miles - 439
    '14-'15 Miles - 1101
    '13-'14 Miles - 637
    '12-'13 Miles - 991

    2016 Rush Pro S 800 VooDoo Blue - Mine
    2016 Rush Pro S 800 Indy Red - Wife's

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    Let's hope it keeps snowing!

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    Default Is anyone riding in the area

    Is 5" enough to get some miles on the machines? Is there any base?

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    Default Zero base

    With all the rain the area received Friday there is/was No base.
    There is riding, but what is here took a beating on Saturday.
    There is water rushing down hillsides, and ponded throughout the low lying areas, water holes & washouts throughout the trail system.
    It is cold this AM some of the water will freeze, which could make for some rough solid ice holes so be careful!

    Billy Lewis to Cherry Springs, Keeners (water holes need to freeze getting into there), pipeline, Junction rd., Horton rd., Wild Boy rd., Rock Ridge rd, back to Bily Lewis.
    some good and some terrible, it needs to stay cold and more snow....

    Ride safe!

    Quote Originally Posted by TrueBlue View Post
    Is 5" enough to get some miles on the machines? Is there any base?
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    ride right & have fun

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    Default Germania Report

    Thank you for the feedback. I am certain folks rode and hope they enjoyed themselves. We'll have to wait a bit and hope for another opportunity.

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