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Thread: Missing Link Trails 1/13/18

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    Default Missing Link Trails 1/13/18

    Our trail system is closed at this time....there is significant flooding and at least one bridge out. Please be respectful and stay off until further notice. There maybe be hidden hazards with the new snow that could ruin your day. We will post as soon as we reopen

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    Default Partial reopen

    Missing Link's trail system is partially reopened. From the groomer barn to Copenhagen and the Maples is open so you can get to the"hill". The trail to Hillbilly and Great Bend remains closed due to flooding and a bridge out. We are working diligently to get this reopened ASAP. The trails are thin in places (field around Copenhagen) and there may be SIGNIFICANT hazards if you go off trail, there was tremendous flooding in places with large ice chunks out in fields where you would never expect them...STAY ON THE TRAIL or you are risking serious injury and sled damage. Be aware that there is a lot of ice, we have some places we did not cross with a groomer but sleds have. Crossing with a groomer would have destroyed what was frozen, made it unridable and likely damaged the groomers (cant afford to replace another track)...RIDE AND ENJOY BUT USE YOUR HEAD.

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