Slow start this morning....someone had beer poisoning!

Only 90 miles. From Vieux Moulin took 63 north, excellent again. Stopped at La Glaciere for gas. Same price for high test there as at a gas station $139.9 per liter.
Left La Glaciere north on 63/343 to the first turn left a local trail that cuts across west to 33. About 4 miles very poor because of flooding. They have stopped grooming that trail until it gets some new snow on it. We got to 33 north to turn right and we were the first sleds on fresh virgin groomed trail all the way to Relais Rouge Matawin. We call it the Cafeteria. After a nice lunch back south on was just to good not to hit it again. Went all the way to Coin Lavigne on perfect trails. From there local trail east to 343 and the 63. All good except for some logging on the local trail to navigate. All in all another great day of riding.

Tomorrow if I can get everyone moving Black Mountain west of St. Donat !