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Thread: 2/9/18 ride Manlius to Florence and back.

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    Default 2/9/18 ride Manlius to Florence and back.

    Left Rte 173 on S53 at 8:30 am . Headed to Chitt. and were the 2nd and 3rd sled on groomed trail . A 10 all the way to Yellow Brick Casino. Grooming ceased just past casino. Trail wasn't too bad with plenty of snow. Took a right C7G (canal) and headed east. A 7 or 8 to Canastota but I don"t think was groomed recently. Past Canastota grooming started and it was a 10. Took a left on C7Q and still a 10. Took a right on C7L and still perfect. Only saw 4 sleds so far. Took C7 to Rome and it was a 9 or 10. Took C7F to Taberg wasn't groomed but not bad. Took C4 to Four Corners and TC Riders trails were mint. No mud holes or problems so far. 6 sleds parked at Four Corners. First sleds we saw since Verona. Trail C4K towards Florence was starting to get beat up. We were the first guys at Flo Hotel at 12:15. Two guys came in and had come from O.F. and said all the way was great. Same amount of time it took us from Manlius. Two other guys came from Williamstown and said the trails were great. Only 6 people while we were there. After a great lunch headed back towards 4 corners and then to Camden. Trails still good. Headed to McConville no grooming and rough. McConville to North Bay the same. Crossed lake to Verona State Park and back to groomed bliss. Retraced our route back to Manlius. Canal was still ok .S53 was getting a little worn. Got back at 5:30. 156 miles. Thanks to all the clubs that groomed. Thanks to oko who did a similar trip a few weeks ago.

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    Nice job my snow bro! I woulda loved to have went with ya, but had to work today.

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