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Thread: Collecting trail data on GPS

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    Default Collecting trail data on GPS

    Going to be collecting some trail data. Thinking about investing in a Garmin GPSMAP64 as an upgrade from a 60CSx. Anyone happen to know what the advantages are? From what I understand you can stitch tracks together and separate larger tracks into segments on the 64 unit where you can't on the 60CSx... Any info would be appreciated...

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    I have a 62SC. I have never tried to do any track manipulation on the device itself. No sure it is possible and even if it was it would be difficult due to the small screen and minimal controls.

    Garmin offers the free Basecamp application. You can download waypoint and track data from the GPS receiver and then you can edit it. Split tracks, join tracks, edit data points, etc. When you start trying to do anything very complicated It is kind of klunky but for a free program it's OK.

    I think you should be able to download data from your 60CS just as easy as from a 62 or 64. When you connect the device it should show up as a removable drive just like flash drives and cameras do. Then you can copy the files and import them in to Basecamp. I usually do it that way rather than letting Basecamp import them directly from the device because Basecamp alway wants to read everything and it takes a long time.

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