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Thread: Go get em!

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    Quote Originally Posted by YAM182 View Post
    Nice to see the check points and then being made public.
    More awareness.

    At 1:27 in,vid shows there are still guys with stickers on the tunnel.

    Poor Paul Moberg,written a loud exhaust ticket and considers it being harassed.

    Mentioned in vid about taking a safety class yet until it's made mandatory, will do nothing really.
    ************************************************** ******************************
    More need to complain as loud pipes are everywhere.

    Seems from vid landowners are the ones to tell --hey will you call the cops please?
    Call,e mail,facebook message clubs?
    Hey so and so club-- I ride your trails and loud pipes are everywhere and I don't want
    these trails shut down.
    A nice phone call from a club pres (rep) to the LEO's asking for a trailside loud exhaust/reg checkpoint for a few hours
    may accomplish something.(probably never happen).

    At any somewhat high traffic intersection all it takes is 5 minutes and one could write at least 2 loud exhaust tickets.
    Seriously,really not that difficult to do.
    While everyone passing sees LEOs and tickets being written.
    How about rotating checkpoints?
    I wonder if , Whats his name PAUL MORON is on this site ?
    Im confused, wait... maybe i'm not.

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    well done LEO need more of it, I HOPE the rider wasn't mad!! LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by oko View Post
    You suckered me into reading the comments. It reminds me why I don't read the comments in my local news outlets. It's scary how stupid people are......
    Well, with their names on their replies, we know who the town clowns are!

    I seen this very same checkpoint yesterday, 2 OC Sheriff trailers, 2 SP trailers, 3 or 4 cruisers.
    Last tine I saw that many of 'em, I was working at their clambake!

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