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Thread: 2/13 Redfield,Barnes Corners,Lowville,Oceola

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    Default 2/13 Redfield,Barnes Corners,Lowville,Oceola

    Left Redfield -Trails northbound not recently groomed,bumpy heading north towards Salmon River rd.Hard ice in corners with snow washed out to the outside.Hard trails to start with little slide lube.Cold temps in the am.
    Bumpy all the way to Salmon River rd with most doing a zig zag left and right to follow the flat side of the trail.
    Salmon River rd sides was 95 % ice with little to no snow on the side.

    Barnes Corners starting at Culpepper was fair/decent but choppy and getting worse after 11 am.
    Trail bumped up more the closer you got to Barnes Corners.Busy day lots of sleds here in the am.
    Packs of 4,8,10,12 sleds.
    Some corners very thin cover and showing dirt,most corners hard ice with snow all blown off from the track spinners.
    *Very easy to slide out around corners and be careful of oncoming sleds sliding around corners.
    At gas station spoke to groomer operator and he just did some trails south of Barnes Corners.
    Headed that way and turned around as trails were still very hard and not chewed up yet as little traffic had gone that way.
    Back down Culpepper and over to Hook and ladder to Olin Flatrock rd.
    Bumpity bumpity even starting where Valley takes over.
    Not playing that game we turned off Flatrock onto a bumpy Poor rd and headed to Rector which was a little better as it's not the main highway like Flatrock rd is.
    End of Rector where the plowed rd starts a DEC truck with sled trailer was parked with the guys having lunch.
    Down past the Valley groomer barn heading to the Ridgeview Inn restaurant.
    Trail towards Ridgeview and Lowville is icy with dirt showing.This probably will be closed soon with the warm up.
    Ridgeview trail actually not bad,less traveled trail.
    Headed to Stewarts in Lowville for gas and trail still very icy.
    Back up the hill to Borkowski rd and past Gardner over to Mud Creek.
    End of Mud Creek at Gardner has the stop sign mangled down in the snow where the groomer maybe "bumped" it.
    Rector to Parker to Flatrock -Olin to Salmon River rd all bumpy.
    Time to head the other way.

    Back to Redfield turnoff and kept going toward Osceola past Cedar Pine,trails not any better- bumpy.

    Barnes may have been groomed (I don't think so) Monday afternoon or eve but no matter as Tuesdays heavy traffic was
    tearing it up.
    Valley not groomed.
    Very heavy Tuesday traffic and no grooming on a Monday night.
    People ride on Tuesdays and expect groomed trails just like any other day.
    High number of sledders out Tuesday to beat the heatwave.

    Trails were/are very hard and icy with what I would best describe as 2-6 inches of a salt sugar mix on top.That last 6"-18" of snow on top of the hard base is just being regroomed over and over.

    Pretty much everything bumpy except the southern Barnes trails done that morning and some of Redfields other area trails.

    Stay right as best you can,at least on the hills,as everyone seems to be searching for the flattest part of the
    trail whether left side,rt side or middle.

    County cop SUV was at Barnes Corners parking lot hiding behind the snowbank,looked like he was running radar at incoming vehicles down rt 177.

    As always what is bad today may be great in the early am.
    Past 2 tuesdays have sucked!
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    Default East side

    You should have gone to the east. Southern tug and turin and tc riders trails were great

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    That's the thing.
    Suffer and pound through crap and hope it gets better or turn around.
    Wish I knew.
    It flip flops.Different days some systems are good and others not.
    Next day reversed.
    My butt-o-meter said enough.

    Yes when those areas are groomed up it's nice.
    We were already on the trail early so didn't check any sites or FB.

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    Nice report hopefully we get some more snow soon, maybe friday? Even few inches would be nice..
    Work hard, play hard!

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    Has anyone ever hit the hill and had the whole thing decent in the same day!

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    Have rode the hill many times over the year's without hitting a bump.

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    North trail was groomed Monday morning, and Tuesday evening, and tonight.

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    Only 24 hrs of traffic beat that trail.
    What a difference a day makes.
    Although bumpy it did seem fairly recently groomed.

    Top snow not sticking to hard base gets trashed by the yahoos real quick.

    Some of the Redfield area although somewhat busy,was nice and holding up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roady View Post
    Has anyone ever hit the hill and had the whole thing decent in the same day!
    Yes, I distinctly remember a day in February 2015 ... the coldest February on record ... when I rode from my place near Altmar to Lyons Falls in about an hour using Camp 4 and 2. Took north route across on way back, zig zagged around on top, bumps are rarity anywhere that; for that whole month, as a matter of fact.
    Despite what you read on this site, we are in the Golden Age of Snowmobiling.
    Our trails are in good to excellent condition 90% + of the time.
    Our clubs are, for the most part, well-run by dedicated volunteers and leadership.
    Grooming is pretty consistent across the State.
    Your sled is likely the most comfortable, reliable and fuel efficient snowmobile you've ever owned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roady View Post
    Has anyone ever hit the hill and had the whole thing decent in the same day!
    Yes! That was the year I got the Yamaha 2005... I was at camp and the groomers went up the hill... In Tandem!

    At this time the groomers ran out of Quick & Easy in C'ville.

    I left 45 minutes later and followed the fresh trail to Highmarket where Tom was having dinner. He said "Go ride early tomorrow the entire hill is getting groomed tonight"
    I left camp at 730 am and rode 140+ miles on trails that were 9-10 and came back for lunch at Highmarket at noon.

    That is the last time the entire hill was flat in one ride.
    "Persistent Violator"

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