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Thread: How big is Thornhurst in pinchot state forest?

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    Default How big is Thornhurst in pinchot state forest?

    Just curious how big of an area it is? Map says 26 miles of joint use roads. Assuming there is more since map shows some snowmobile only trails.
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    Im not sure how big it is as i have never been up, but just got off the phone w the park office and she said there is about 10 inches there but did warn of some downed trees but overall good condititions, but im sure there are wet spots and some not so good conditions. Im planning on going up by myself tomorrow am and giving it a try. Lady said there are maps at the park office on bear lake road and also right on the trail from the parking lot if office not open she said someone should be there by 8 830. Just wanted to pass this along. Im also supposed to get reports from 2 diiferent guys riding there today, if i get them ill post what they said hopefully this evening.
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