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Thread: Parking at LJD, Redfield?

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    Default Parking at LJD, Redfield?

    Looking at possibly coming up mid week for 2-3days, parking at LJD and going from there. Any info is appreciated, I understand Salmon River to Barnes would be bare road riding

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    Unloaded at Winona: Not groomed recently, but rideable.

    Bice Road to Barnes via covered bridge trail: Thin, but groomed. hadn't been a sled on it all day.

    Barnes to Montegue: Thin in usual spots, but had been groomed. Doug's Drive, Denning, Mile Strip wont take much more abuse from traffic or mother nature. Fat lady clearing her throat.

    Horace Forward south bound, around to Worth Road: Awesome

    Culpepper, SRR Bypass, Pitcher: Excellent. Even the plowed section of SRR and Pitcher were surprisingly good today. Tomorrow may change that. Olin was rough as always.

    Flat Rock Road and main trails on top: Excellent!! I usually get on the side trails like Poor, Carey, French, Toole, but they didn't looked groomed, so I stayed on the main trails for a change, and they were outstanding!

    Fykes, Corrigan Hill, Tabolt, North, McGoldrick, behind Barrows, Michigan Mills, Camp 4 all EXCELLENT!!!

    I turned toward Osceola/Redfield at the Camp2/Camp4 intersection, but it was a minefield, so I kept on Camp 4 to Swancotts, when I turned to go up through the Hideaway back up on top, it got pretty thin and ungroomable. It was passable and not too bad, but I would avoid it if were you. Once you got within a couple miles of Barrows you are fine again. This is obviously why STH Groomers are parked at Barrows. You really dont want to go too far South of there.

    Lots of Cops on McGoldrick on the way back. Saw Turin's groomer at Tabolt Corners (3pm?)

    I didn't get on LJD, specifically, but the area that I was in near there leads me to believe the only issues you might have is that I saw no signs of recent grooming by Redfield or PBSC. Barnes, Valley, Turin. and STH had all been out within the last 24 hours.

    Update: It is my understanding that PBSC was out grooming last night.
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    It's Tabolt. Not Talbot.

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    Thumbs up

    Thanks for trail report👍

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