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Thread: 3/9 ride : Hanifin Rd thru Swancott, Camp 4, N-S Rd, RR bed, Tabolt Corners, No. 9 Rd

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    Default 3/9 ride : Hanifin Rd thru Swancott, Camp 4, N-S Rd, RR bed, Tabolt Corners, No. 9 Rd

    Met up with Pompey1 and his bud Mark and dropped at Hanfin Conrers (Hanifin Rd) around 9 a.m.. New snow atop all the trails today. From 2-4”. 46 Corners, Houlahan and County Line Rd are very bumpy. I was told TC Riders is planning on hitting the northern sections of their trails tonight. North of County Line up thru Swancott Mills was brutal. Bumps & whoops.

    Camp 4 north from Swancott Mills was OUTSTANDING! Flat with some bumps in corners. Michigan Mills the same. North-South Rd was nice around 11, a bit bumpy on our 2nd run thru at 3. Same with the G&W railroad bed to Tabolts Corners.

    The #9 road was bumpy. the North Rd and McGoldrick in & out of Highmarket was very nice. Plmber Rd to Whiskey Jacks was in good shape, despite all the traffic. Very heavy amount of sleds today. Ran into the DEC’s Tahoe on the Moore Rd at Plmber. Talked with the lady ranger and the truck is equipped for emergency transport with backboard and such. I rather ride out in that if I was hurt than on a tow sled!

    A DEC’er on a sled on the paved MacKay Rd was looking, (Pompey1 thought), for sleds running the stop signs. On the way back the DEC Tahoe and two LEO’s on sleds had 8-10 sleds stopped and all three were writing tickets.

    We tried the Camp 2 Rd but gave up as the first mile was very whooped up. The G&W RR bed had snow drifts along the straightaway thru the marsh.

    Southern Tug had a groomer parked at Barrows. Back to the rigs on Hanifin RD at 5:45 with 129.7-miles on my odometer.

    There’s lots of snow up there. Heck it was lightly snowing all day up there. Not much love for the DEC’s Tahoe from folks at Highmarket & Barrows. If they’re worried about losing customers, well the knuckleheads would be replaced by families & guys like me. The only reason I went up on a Friday was good snow.

    And there were knuckleheads out. I had 5-sleds cut the same corner on the N-S Rd and they were 1-foot off my left ski.
    And another hot shot all decked out in a safety green Ninja outfit on a same colored sled try to give me a hand signal from the middle of the trail neqr the Michigan Rd parking lot, and promptly veered right at me.

    And the sleds screaming thru Tabolts Corners with folks not stopping off the RR bed and the #9 Rd, well go ahead an put a four way stop at this intersection. It needs it.
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