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Thread: End of the trail for me-March 11,2018

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    Default End of the trail for me-March 11,2018

    Well all good things come to an end and my 35 years at Diamond Pond and easily-100,000 snowmobile trail miles are over as my home has sold and soon new owners will enjoy perhaps one of the best snowmobile spots in New England. A sad time yesterday when all 4 snowmobiles went to a long time snowmobile friend in Columbia. Now the garage is empty.First time since 1984. I am busy removing the last of all that made camp home here for all the years. Only old age and the long ride along with the TLC necessary to keep the old camp Healthy let me realize the time had come for some one else to enjoy as I have Diamond Pond.
    Years were spent with the start up of the SDR club and despite peceived differences I can only thank the Drew family for making the SDR club one of the best! I wish the snowmobile family, continued SDR club, the best for many years to come.
    While I tear things apart and get ready to load all in a U haul and back to Mass. If I left you with a trail report-it would still be a 10 as snow all day yesterday over night and even now has conditions as good as they get!! Even more Tuesday another Nor Easter! Remember almost always by the end of March Diamond Pond sees its deepest snow thickest ice on the pond.
    Lastly a sign on the side of my Garage I had made years ago says it best:My one great wish when I am gone ,that others have a Diamond Pond. My days are few on earth I know.He washed my sins as white as snow.---Tween him and me there is a bond-a tender memory Diamond Pond.!! Out for now folks the best of trails to every one!

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    Diamond, Good luck to you, I have for one enjoyed your trail reports!

    They were always clear and you could tell you enjoyed sharing with all of us!

    Your reports will be missed!

    Thanks again

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