off loaded in groveton today maybe 20 trailers when I got there , snow was hard but softened up by mid day. rode 5 north to 28 through millsfeild, a few bare spots on 28 by the power lines but not bad. the trails were auctually real good with the acception of the usuall b are spots especially north of diamond peaks , the further away from access trails for gas the better it is . I eventually made it up to pittsburg for lunch , limitied snow to park sleds, and after talking with a few people I was told trail 142 from youngs to lake francis is junk. so I headed down to 140 rode the 130's which were great then 18 to errol. parts of trail 18 by 110 are thin then around the buffalo farm is getting thin also. I took 19 tords millsfeild which was good then back to groveton . I filled up my sled before hand , and glad I did the trails within 1 mile of gas stations are junk. all in all a great day though , I ended up riding a solo 158 miles on one tank of gas with 2 bars left showing [ you gotta love etecs] when I got back to groveton the parking lot was a mud bowl , more than half the snow gone . I would suggest offloading with immeadiate trail access and gassing up before hand. trails are really good, and should hold up especially away from services ,on the way home I saw a lot trailers headed north , its gonna be busy so pick your trails and you should be fine