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    Default How much longer......

    Will there be anymore grooming... will the clubs try to get another run in....?? I believe Redfield and Osceola have completed there season and as usual did a fantastic job.

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    you are correct as for osceola, we are done. closed trails today. i groomed thursday night and had some thin spots but nothing bare. then groomed saturday night and camp 2 had some bare spots a good 50-100yrds long then. can only imagine what it looked like after sunday afternoon and today.

    i saw on facebook where just about all the other clubs threw in the towel today. valley called quits and possibly southern tug and turin.

    it comes at a cost to run the machines in these conditions let alone where you have to cross private property where its thin. it worth it to stop grooming rather than damage property. we all did a great job this year! luckily we had no major break downs so that was a major plus.
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    other parts were still great with good coverage. basically any hard corner or hill that faced south or west was "sun burnt" lol

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    Missing Link is done, too many bare spots, cant risk upset landowners

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