The Snirt Run is just 3 weeks away from today. Weather remains cool with a considerable amount of snow on the hill.

Spoke with 3 ATVers who came into Tuggers last night and they said they could go anywhere on the trails but were getting stuck going from the trails to their camp. Lots of bare spots but areas with considerable snow.

Arrangements for the event are progressing nicely. The door prize from Polaris has arrived and is down at Waite Motor Sports where it will be assembled and made ready for some lucky winner. Not sure if I said what it is but it's a new 450 Sportsman...really nice machine

The event shirts have been ordered and will soon be available. You can still go onto Victory Promotions website and order one however it's unlikely you have it before the event. Advantage of ordering it through Victory is you have more of a selection. We can't possibly carry all the different shirts Victory makes available.

Friday night early signup will be at the NEW groomer barn in Barnes Corners
Timberview Lodge in Turin
The edge Hotel in Lyons Falls

Saturday signups will be at the NEW groomer Barn
Barrows Sport shop in Highmarket
Timberview Lodge

Just a reminder that there are 17 stops scattered around the hill. To get the maximum number of cards you need to get 7 stamps. Getting 8 or 10 or more does not increase you chances of winning as the max is 7 cards

I encourage everyone to buy a 50/50 ticket as the prize fund for that event has been extremely large the past few years (several thousand dollars to the winner)

Finally if you have a 2 wheel drive machine or do not care to go through snow there are alternate routes available which are secondary Town Roads. You can legally travel those roads for this event.

Have a safe and happy ride and please respect all the LEO's out there as they are doing their job and trying to protect the riders.

Finally, Finally..getting many calls regarding SXS's and I have to be straight up with you. Unless you have a registration they are most likely illegal and you should not bring them to this event. If you feel you must bring them be aware that you are on an illegal machine. Make sure you have insurance and you better be on you best behavior i.e. stay on trails, wear helmet, fasten seat belts etc,etc,etc

The club wants everyone to have a great time and return home safely.