Perhaps my very last weekend at Diamond Pond. However like so many late April weekends this one the most winter like in my 35 years. No internet at my home now as it is ready for the new owners but a probate glitch has slowed things down. Up to meet with a lawyer Thursday snow flurries and cold had things like February. Colebrook 99% bare however Coverage began near Nash's yard. As we went up Diamond Pond road snow covered the ground half way up-3 miles. By the time we hit Coleman state park hard core winter!!! As I got to my home still 100% snow--ground cover. On top of that snowing and blowing 31 degrees. On my snow stake easily 2 feet still on the ground in the woods 3 feet and snow banks and piles still nearly as high as my car. Thursday night heavy snow all night 26 degrees. By Friday A.M. 4 new inches still snowing blowing all day. High temp 31. Big Diamond snow covered not even a sign of slush likely ice still feet thick! I no longer have my snowmobiles as I sold all 4 plus the trailer a few weeks back but all trails were completely covered with dead of winter like cover. I don't know if the trails were officially closed but a few sledders were out and could easily enjoy the best of trails. On Saturday I took a car ride up through Pittsburg to the Border location and not much left around Back Lake but East Inlet feet of snow total coverage and a dozen trucks and trailers! Feet of snow in the east inlet area. !Always in late April at the start of Diamond Pond road the ground nearly bare but by Coleman State Park a different world! Still snow like mid February! I don't yet know who the folks are that bought my home but I was so lucky to have had the best snow longest riding season in New Hampshire. I will certainly miss Diamond Pond.