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Thread: Cattaragus County Conditions

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    Default Cattaragus County Conditions

    Wondering how are the conditions in Cattaragus Cty?

    Also wondering where is a good place to drop? Ellicottville, Springville or Franklinville?

    Any info is appreciated.


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    Default eville, franklinville, or springville

    you can not ride any snowmobiles in e'ville so i would not redcommend starting there.
    you can drop off at ishua valley golf course in franklinville - not sure how the trails are- but you can check their website at

    springville is always a good bet- you can park at the park n ride at the end of the 219 expressway you can check trail conditions on the erie county website (ck the boston area)

    or you can also try tri-county website at

    and the enchanted mountains website for more catt county info @

    good luck- ride safe

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