Company Details - ELECTRONICS TELCOM COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED. Registered No. 05465599
6-6A Lower Briggate
West Yorkshire
Incorporation Date: 1986 TELCOM COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED is a specialized supplier of Mobile phones (GSM and CDMA), Video Games , Apple Ipods , Iphone , Laptops Notebook Digital Cameras and Plasma Tvs.With high quality products, best service and good reputation, we have won a great support from customers, and become stronger and more powerful.Therefore, the scale has been expanded, and we now have our own Trading Branch Offices. Specifically, we can supply Mobile phones (GSM and CDMA),Video Games ,Apple Ipods , Iphone , HTC, Laptops / Notebook , Digital Cameras and Plasma Tvs.. Moreover, we also offer all kinds of international brand OEM/ODM service.
Apple iPhone 8GB====$300usd
Apple iphone 4GB====$250usd

Nokia phone
Nokia N95 (8G=====$350usd
Nokia Aeon======$800usd
Nokia N95=====$300usd
Nokia E90 Communicator=====$300usd
Nokia N800 Internet Tablet=====$230usd
Nokia 5300 XpressMusic=====$200usd
Nokia N76=====$220usd
Nokia N75====$200usd
Nokia 5500 Sport=====$200usd
Nokia N92=====$180usd
Nokia N93=====$200usd
Nokia N93i=====$230usd
Nokia 7360=====$210usd
Nokia 7373=====$220usd
Nokia 7390=====$230usd
Nokia 8800=====$200usd
Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition=====$230usd
Nokia E60=====$190usd
Nokia E65=====$200usd
Nokia N73=====$180usd
And many more Nokia phones in stock

HTC phone
HTC Advantage X7500=====$500usd
HTC Touch Dual===$180usd
HTC TyTN II=====$300usd
HTC S710=====$200usd
HTC P3350====$200usd
HTC P3400====$200usd
HTC P4350====$230usd
HTC P3600i====$300usd
HTC P3600====$280usd
HTC P3300====$250usd
HTC TyTN====$280usd
And many more HTC phones in stock

Samsung phone
Samsung F700=====$300usd
Samsung U700=====$260usd
Samsung U600=====$230usd
Samsung U300=====$200usd
Samsung D900 Ultra Edition=====$250usd
Samsung X820 Ultra Edition=====$180usd
Samsung X830 / Blush=====$190usd
Samsung ZV40=====$180usd
Samsung E900=====$180usd
Samsung F300 Ultra Music=====$190usd
Samsung F500 Ultra Video=====$200usd
Samsung D830 Ultra Edition=====$230usd
Samsung D840=====$250usd
Samsung P940=====$260usd
And many more Samsung phones in stock

Motorola Phones
Motorola ROKR Z10=====$400usd
Motorola ROKR E8=====$350usd
Motorola RIZR Z10=====$300usd
Motorola Razr2 V9=====$330usd
Motorola Razr2 V8.............$300usd
Motorola RIZR Z8=====$250usd
Motorola RIZR Z3=====$220usd
Motorola ROKR E6=====$230usd
Motorola SLVR L9=====$250usd
Motorola KRZR K1=====$200usd
Motorola KRZR K3=====$250usd
Motorola RAZR MAXX=====$220usd
Motorola RAZR V3i=====$200usd
Motorola RAZR V3xx=====$200usd
And many more Motorola phones in stock

Sony Ericsson phone
Sony Ericsson P1===$300usd
Sony Ericsson W960====$300usd
Sony Ericsson W880=== $280usd
Sony Ericsson K810=== $250usd
Sony Ericsson W610=== $200usd
Sony Ericsson K550=== $165usd
Sony Ericsson K220=== $150usd
Sony Ericsson K200=== $145usd
Sony Ericsson J120=== $170usd
Sony Ericsson J110=== $150usd
Sony Ericsson K550im=== $200usd
Sony Ericsson W888=== $300usd
Sony Ericsson W830=== $220usd
Sony Ericsson W850=== $250usd
Sony Ericsson W710=== $225usd
Sony Ericsson Z710=== $260usd
Sony Ericsson W710i=== $190usd
Sony Ericsson Z710i ===$200usd
Sony Ericsson k790A=== $230usd
And many more Sony Ericsson phones in stock

I-mate phone
i-mate JAMA=== $400usd
i-mate Ultimate 9150=====$350usd
i-mate Ultimate 8150=====$340usd
i-mate Ultimate 7150=====$300usd
i-mate Ultimate 6150=====$280usd
I-mate Ultimate 5150=====$230usd
And many more I-mate phones in stock

LG Phones
LG KE800 Chocolate Platinum=====$300usd
LG KE850 Prada=====$400usd
LG KE970 Shine=====$200usd
LG KG810=====$150usd
LG KG920=====$160usd
LG KU800=====$165usd
LG U400=====$200usd
And many more LG phones in stock

Palm phone
Palm Treo 750=====$270usd
Palm Treo 750v=====$280usd
Palm Treo 700v=====$230usd
Palm Treo 680=====$180usd
Palm Treo 650=====$150usd
And many more Palm Treo phones in stock

O2 Phones
O2 Ice=====$300usd
O2 XDA Exec=====$400usd
O2 XDA Mini S=====$200usd
O2 XDA Orbit=====$220usd
O2 XDA Zinc=====$250usd
And many more O2 phones in stock

Sidekick Pager
D-Wade Limited Edition Sidekick 3===$200usd
Diane von Furstenberg = Gizmodo sidekick 3=====$200
LRG sidekick 3 special Edition=====$160usd
Sidekick 3=====$140usd
Sidekick 2=====$120usd
And many more Sidekick in stock. At present we export so many goods to the America, Canada Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and United Arab Emirates. We have established long term, stable and good business relationships with many manufacturers and wholesalers around the world. Presently, we are looking forward to even greater cooperation with overseas customers based on mutual benefits. Please feel free to contact us for more details. We ship and deliver to you within 2days of purchase through
Fedex courier

Interested buyers can contact me direct via;
6-6A Lower Briggate
West Yorkshire
David Mike